Welcome to i.CompactFun - the home of games, puzzles and other applications designed for small screens, such as phones, tablets and netbooks, as well as larger screens such as laptops.

All of our applications are scalable, so that they are suitable for nearly all screen sizes (recommended minimum size 320px high X 240px wide with a Portrait layout, but larger preferable).

Our applications are available in two formats currently:

Android apps

TopAccolades Limited have produced several Android apps: all available as free, ad-supported apps; and some also as paid-for apps with no ads. To find them, search for the publisher's name (TopAccolades) on Google Play or click the link below:

Search Google Play here

For those with Kindle Fire devices or other Android devices with no access to Google Play, the apps can be loaded onto your device manually through the APK files, found further down. Just load an APK file into your device's folder structure and open it to install it on your device. Note: you will need to ensure that your settings allow external/third-party apps to be installed.

Online apps

All the apps have been developed using HTML and Javascript (and turned into apps with PhoneGap). As such, they may also be used online in virtually any modern browser. The apps available by pressing the Play online links are ad-supported Android apps, with no changes made. Please note that you should ensure that you have your device in Portrait orientation or, if using a laptop, ensure that the window is portrait shaped. Please note that if your device does not have a touch-sensitive screen, any actions requiring this can be carried out using alternative means.

The first five apps, but not Compact Fun, all remember the state of play if you happen to exit the app so that you can resume play later on.

If you wish to contact TopAccolades.com, please email administrator@topaccolades.com
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